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About Us

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The PRINCE2® assessment team was formed in 2007 as a part of a management consultancy organisation. We specialize in mock tests and provide training documents for users all over the world who wish to train and test themselves in order to complete their certification successfully. Our aim is to inform and educate our readers about the latest in the portfolio, programme and project management world. We offer high quality services globally via consultancy and online training & test modules, across a wide range of organization needs. We aspire to deliver high quality testing modules which are an ideal way to prepare for competing certification courses.

The PRINCE2® assessment website aims to provide PRINCE2® knowledge at ones fingertips and is just a click away. Each of the online tests are suitable for organisations and individuals - within the UK and internationally and are designed by a well qualified group of PRINCE2® certified Practitioners. The intensive online tests are cleverly designed to cover the entire syllabus and would draw your attention to areas that require further preparation. The PRINCE2® which appear in this website are created by our organization and are not from the official PRINCE2® papers. The exhaustive statistics is available at the end of each test which indicates the performance curve and overall progress. The web portal would help you challenge your preparatory skills and raise the bar even higher with each test and indeed help you gauge your own stand in the competitive arena.

Our other areas of interest include facilitating effective portfolio, programme and project management and ERP consulting. Nourished by the fortitude of our assiduous team and powered by the reach of social networking via forum we have produced a wide variety of high quality resources, testing tools available to everybody. Hope you enjoy the experience and reach great heights. We recognise that individual performance and achievement is often only possible with the support and assistance of qualified professionals like us. Thus our PRINCE2® assessment team hopes that you imbibe the knowledge of project management in the best way possible and be a successful PRINCE2® practitioner.


Email: contact@prince2assessment.com

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