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Welcome to our PRINCE2® Assessment website!

The PRINCE2® Assessment team is aimed to provide you with a set of PRINCE2® questions and answers in an online exam format in order to assess your readiness for the PRINCE2® Foundation exam. We reckon that each test you take will draw you two steps forward towards successfully completing the PRINCE2® FOUNDATION exam and help you forward to the efficacious Practitioner completion as well.

PRINCE2® certification is an invaluable asset in ones career as it increases employment prospects and helps individuals do their jobs more effectively, becoming an advantage to their employers. PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of the Cabinet Office.

If you are thinking of taking your exam and want to test your level of PRINCE2® knowledge beforehand we recommend you use the PRINCE2® Foundation mock exam Assessments provided free for now!! Each of the online test exams provided is designed by a group of PRINCE2® certified Practitioners. The PRINCE2® sample questions and the online tests are not from the official PRINCE2® sample papers and they are created by our organization. The online tests are cleverly designed to cover the entire syllabus and would draw your attention to areas that need further preparation. At the end of the exam, the score would be displayed and a feedback email would be sent to the registered email id to help guide you reach your goal and provide through understanding of the process-based approach for project management.

The website also comprises of the forum to enjoy and post your comments. This website is the tool required for aspirants who wish to assess their preparatory levels. The more exams you appear, we assure that you would be that much closer to achieve your goals and be an efficient project member with knowledge at your fingertips.


Are you serious about your triumph in the PRINCE2® Foundation exam? Come and let us help you, we are the best to evaluate your prep echelon, supervise you with apt directions and pertinent feedback which will assist you accomplish your aspiration!


Online Tests

Online testFancy a Registered Practitioner…Assess your preparatory skills with these brain teasers and alleviate exam qualms if any…



Training documentsRummaging around for an executive course to be trained in PRINCE2? Explore/Contribute and find highly focused study notes...



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