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PRINCE2® Foundation Mock & Practice Exam

Fancy a Registered Practitioner…Assess your preparatory skills with these brain teasers and alleviate exam qualms if any…An Ideal space to test your FOUNDATION and make waves for a bright career in PRINCE2® environment.

This section comprises of two types of exams. The actual mock exam and the practice exam. The PRINCE2® Foundation mock exam is time bound with 60 min as the end time, whereas the practice exam focuses on testing ones understanding while learning and is not time bound. The former tests your prep from exam point of view and lets you know if you are ready to take the plunge. Whereas the latter helps you prepare yourself better from an exam and funda viewpoint. The mock exam comprises of similar number of questions in terms of length and duration, as you can expect on the final day.

Ideal approach for obtaining the maximum benefit from the tests would be that you make sure the course material is thoroughly understood from PRINCE2® Foundation point of view and you have marked a date on your calendar to give a test. Our groups of Certified PRINCE2® Practitioners have carefully designed each of the tests and the training docs to ensure the reader gets the utmost benefits. Get ready for a wonderful and challenging experience. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.

Please select your option from the below mentioned online tests to test your preparation level for the PRINCE2® Foundation Course. The scores would be displayed at the end of the entire test and a feedback email would be sent to you on the registered email address.



For New & Enriched test experience follow the link to Mockexam4U.com



General Note

  • A score of 1-35 you would be unlikely to pass the Foundation exam on first attempt and would require more practices, feel free to come back and attempt from our vast store of questions.
  • A score of 35-50 you may need to toil a bit more; feel free to attempt more tests to boost your confidence.
  • A score above 50 you should consider sitting for the Foundation Exam and passing with flying colors.


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